Association history

From the original idea of creating a place where you can have fun driving model cars, the first friendship race was soon organized in 1999. At that time, 13 drivers from Salsach, Kaindorf bei Hartberg and Mariazell were at the start! Gradually, we learned and improved the facility, so joining the Austrian Funk Model Car Association (ÖFMAV) was the logical consequence. Since 2015, the Club of Model Building Friends has been a member of the Sportunion Steiermark. Every year, a race was held on the CMbf Süd Ost racing track. Although the track was small compared to others, it was particularly popular. In 2013, 76 drivers started. In 2014, the entire facility was rebuilt at high cost, but recurring bad weather and flooding almost made all the work in vain. One year without operation and without income compared to the high costs of rebuilding brought the club to its limits. In 2015, thanks to the support of many, we were able to continue our operation and organize two great races. In 2016, the club canteen was redesigned and a terrace was built afterwards to provide comfort at the club grounds outside of racing events. Two races in 2016 again provided a great atmosphere in Salsach. 2017 can be called the year of change - an originally joking idea was implemented. A 6x12 meter permanent driver's camp for our club members and guests was built. Incredible efforts were necessary, but thanks to a wonderful club spirit, the project was completed. The Team Event Salsach 500, a race for the Thermenland Trophy and the extremely beautiful Children's Day again provided racing flair at our club grounds. In addition, the 2021 project was launched - we have succeeded in bringing the 40+ European Championship to Salsach in 2021, which we are very proud of. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Championship had to be postponed twice and is now scheduled to take place in 2023.